The King Bees was a rock band formed from then-serving RAF personnel. It was based at RAF Steamer Point, Aden (now the Republic of Yemen). 

Although originally formed in the latter half of 1964, the line-up was fixed for most of 1965.  

The group was managed by Sgt Bob Parmenter (RAF PTI) – a labour of love and payment in kind (Tiger Tops!). 

Bob was instrumental in arranging a very successful “Festival of Pops” which was held at Steamer Point and featured The King Bees and the other main bands in Aden, in the summer of 1965. The event was attended by hundreds of people……were you there that night?


Johnny Fry

The band played all over the Aden area at various times, including: Gold Mohur, The Camel Club, The Mermaid Club and Lido at Steamer Point; The Naval Club at the Harbour and Khormaksar venues – and just about all points in between that were suitable for partying and dancing!

The King Bees played at hundreds of functions, in different locations in Aden – too many to remember precisely; however, if you were based in Aden in 1965, you could well have attended one of our gigs …… let us know where and when.

Another group performing then was the Belvederes. They were a good Shadows tribute band: Vox, Fender Strat., CopyCat Echo, Hank B foxtrot and hornrims - the lot! Other bands playing the Aden circuit were: The Royells; Group Four; The Tearaways, The Dudes and The Chosen Few. There were certainly others ... but we cannot remember their names.

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