Music introduction

This music was recorded at our last performance in the Airmen’s Club, Steamer Point. 

The King Bees at GWI

The recordings were obtained using a very primitive method ... a microphone on a chair at the side of the stage and connected to an AKAI reel-to-reel tape recorder (then, the state of the art). The quality is reasonable, given the circumstances, but not good by today's standards. 

Dave had already been posted back to the UK, so the line-up for the final performance was:

Andre (Vocals, Rhythm guitar), Ron (Lead guitar), Steve (Bass guitar), A N Other (Drums)

Music included here: 

     Rock and Roll Music                  'Til There Was You            Surprise surprise       

     You Can Make It If You Try         Turn Over a New Leaf       Heart of Stone

     I Call Your Name                      It's Only Love                  Route 66

     Hide Your Love Away                Slow Down

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