Played by ten bass clarinets on the stunningly beautiful Isle of Raasay, Scotland, in April 2011, at the workshop run by Sarah Watts and Antony Clare. 

Bass Clarinets (1)

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The piece is based on the number TEN, with instruments grouped five-and-five, then one-two-three-four (demonstrating that TEN is a triangular number!) and so on. TEN, in binary code, is one-zero-one-zero, which when put into music becomes note-rest-note-rest. That gives the “Bi-” of the title. TEN, like “pi”, uses all the available digits, so by giving each instrument a numbered note, a musical representation of “pi” becomes available. 

And after that there’s a nice Scottish tune - a strathspey, reflecting the beauty of the island - and a rousing finale based on a TEN-beat riff.

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