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Robin Hood - a musical play for KeyStage 1,2; Basil Blackwell Ltd, 1984; ISBN: 0631909109

Oxford University Press

Hallelujah, Your Kingdom Come Hymn/Anthem. Prizewinner, Songs of Praise Festival 1988

OUP website

Stainer & Bell

A Tree Once Grew In Galilee an extended setting of Cecily Taylor’s popular text.

Stainer & Bell website


Ragtime Frankie (Brass Series); Virgo VO56

"Entertainer style; excellent."  ..... MUSIC TEACHER

Virgo website

In 2008, David’s brass quartet “Ragtime Frankie” was chosen by a French TV company as the soundtrack for a TV programme on Mickey Rooney’s dance career.

Mark Vause / Kirklees

Rock Jock ... and other originals;

Kirklees Music

Kelman-Hall (Canada)

Today the Christ is Born (SSATTB Soli)

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