'Sing Up' and A&C Black

David has published work through ‘Sing Up’ and A&C Black.

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Mr Miller

David’s Round Hey Mister Miller was included by A&CBlack in the celebrations section of the National Singing Programme Sing Up!

It was originally scribbled on the back of an envelope before breakfast at a Sing for Pleasure week back in the early eighties!

It has also been included in the Saxophone Tutor Abracadabra Saxophone.

Singing Express


Val’s experience with early-years children brought fruit in four songs co-written with David in the inspirational publication Singing Express by Gillyanne Kayes LINK TO GILLYANNE and Ana Sanderson, which believes in discovering the hidden singer in every child, and uses practically-applied recent discoveries in musical psychology.

The songs are:

Singing Express 1: 

My face, Playing at the Park, Hare and Tortoise

Singing Express 2: 

Let’s sing, Someone’s in the kitchen, Wellies

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