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This is a website for RAF personnel who were stationed at HQ FTC, RAF Shinfield Park, at any time in the past.

It is set up with sections (see top of page) showing pictures and a map of the site, member pages (old and new photos, e-mail and website contacts etc) and reunions. Andre Francis originally set the site up, maintains it and currently acts as webmaster.

If you were stationed at Shinfield Park at any time in your RAF career and would like to contribute anything (no matter how small), please contact the webmaster. Anything you send or any information you give, will not be posted on the site without your express permission. 

RAF Shinfield Park and HQFTC as they originally existed were part of a significant period in the history of the RAF. This site will be kept as a permanent memorial to those who served there. The Webmaster will endeavour to have the site hosted in perpetuity.


To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the camp's closure in 1968, there was an initial reunion held in 2008. This proved to be successful and further (consecutive) reunions have followed annually. Ex RAF SP personnel attending have come from the 40s, 50s and 60s. 

The reunion which marked the 50-year anniversary of the camp closure, was held on Saturday, April 14th, 2018 at the Black Boy (RG2 9BP) at 12.00pm with accommodation and dinner at the Holiday Inn, South Reading. Reunion details here.

Details of the 2019 reunion here.

Des Orpin (orpin695@gmail.com) currently organises the reunions.

News, Entries & Contact

All the latest here

There is now a section showing correspondence in relation to the RAF SP Memorial Garden here.

Jan 2019 Rusty Blagden contacted with narrative and 40+ photos here.

Jun 2019 Steve Davenport is in possession of a trunk labelled S/L B Trevelyan (1942) of HQFTC. More info here.

Mar 2019 Brian Allen, ex RAF policeman, now lives in Adelaide, South Australia. His emails and photos here.

Mar 2019 Received a letter via 'Best Of British' magazine from Rita J Lucas  here about her husband Harold Lucas.

Oct 2018 Caroline Moore is looking for information about her father Herbert Alan Cliff here.

Aug 2018 Martin Ripper emailed with painting by ‘Appach’ here.

Jul 2018 Madejski Zygmunt at RAF SP in 1945.

Jun 2018 Further information relating to S/Ldr Draper sent.

Apr 2018: Ray Willis (and Sheryl) attended the 2018 reunion and has given some history on his page.

Feb 2018: Patrick J Barrett’s nephew (Richard) is looking for contacts. Details here

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