Sqn Ldr Draper

Phillip Draper sent this email message on Jan 7th, 2016.


I came across your excellent website when looking for our old home address, 45 Shinfield Rd. 

My father S/Ldr Albert Draper was CO around 1947? 

I was delighted to see the Gremlin featured, I still have his copy. 

Father passed away 1980 so any memories from anybody who may have known him during his service would be welcomed. Photo attached.   See below.

Kind regards

If anyone has any information, please contact the Webmaster

Phillip sent this email on Jan 14th, 2016

Hi Andre
Thanks for the posting. I have attached a photo which may be of interest. There is no date,hopefully somebody may recognize a relative.
I am happy to help if more help is needed as the  writing on the back is not clear. My father is middle of the front row.

Kind regards
Phillip Draper  

IMG 20160114 1705567 rewind

RAF Shinfield Park around 1947

IMG 20160114 170037 burst 03

Key to above photograph

Ted Williams remembers S/Ldr Draper and Phillip's email address has been sent to him.

Phillip sent this further email on Jun 27th, 2018

Hello Andre

Note of thanks for putting me in touch with Ted, lovely man he shared his memories of my father, emotions ran high.

On a lighter note I enclose 2 menus from 1949, I hope this may be of interest to your readers. 

IMG 20180627 1946538 rewind

Christmas Day menu, 1949

IMG 20180627 1947389 rewind

Dinner/Dance 6th Jan 1949

I have photos from Gunnery School Leconfield 1950/58, may be interesting to any Air Gunners.

IMG 20180730 1340344 rewind
IMG 20180730 1341175 rewind
IMG 20180730 1342023 rewind
IMG 20180730 1342330 rewind
IMG 20180730 1343004 rewind

Kind regards Phillip

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