Avril Oxley

Keith Freeman sent this email message on July 30th, 2012.

Hi Andre,

I was reminded, this morning, that at the Shinfield Park reunion in April I said something about contacting you to get my name up on your Members Board.

The reminder was this:

Dear Keith,

I am trying to find Avril Oxley (nee Bostock) who served in our unit at the same time as us (RAF Shinfield Park), and I was wondering if you know where they are or how to contact them as they aren't listed on Forces Reunited?

If you are in contact with them would you please tell them Barbara Skelton (Nee Read) is trying to contact them through Forces Reunited and to register on the site?

Thanks, I really appreciate your help.

Barbara Skelton (Nee Read)

received via Forces Reunited.

I notice you do have a couple of "please get in touch" messages so thought you might put this (or part of it!) in there. Being from Forces Reunited (of which I'm not a subscribing member) I can't answer it - or give you any email address - I don't know if any of the other people you're in touch with are subscribers?

Regards  --  Keith Freeman

If anyone has any information, please contact Barbara or the Webmaster

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