Martin Ripper

Martin emailed the following on 14 Aug 18:


I came across your website as I grew up playing with the children on the officers housing site at whitley wood lane where I lived until 1970. 

One contributor wanted to know about ‘appach' who lived at Shinfield Lodge, I can't give any info but I had a picture painted by him of 'shinfield' as i am interested in local history. It took a time to identify the location but the pond on the left is at the top of brookers hill, The Merry Maidens is beyond the (now demolished) cottages to left and the building on the right is the forge, now the site of a nice house. 

apach top of brookers hill

The RAF camp main gates were half way along the road shown on the left. I was lucky to grow up where I did, a constant stream of playmates looking for friends as they arrived and were posted and the hours playing in the (fenced off) RAF woods! 

A very safe childhood. 

Martin Ripper.

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