Alan Causon


Alan has recounted some of his experiences in Memories of Shinfield and also some Photo albums.

Email received on 4/4/2012:

These photos were passed to me by Michael Rice who worked in the Airmen's Mess during my time at Shinfield. He in fact was the Catering Clerk who often also used to help with the Cooking when more hands were needed. He is from Yeovil. I found him a few weeks ago by finding his Telephone Number by putting on Google and finding him first time as he had not moved away from the Yeovil Area. I hope that you will be able to put these Photos up on the Site in due course.

The picture containing the two photos is labelled 002 and posted here.

Email received on 13/5/2014:

With respect to Sqn. Ldr.Ted Wilcox although I did not know him I believe his Office was very near to a Cpl. John Dunsmore who in Civilian life was a qualified Draughtsman. He (S/L Wilcox) in fact as far as I remember was also acting as a Draughtsman at Shinfield Park. He did National Service and I understand from some of the 1950's Group that he took a Commission rather than leave the R.A.F. 

John was an "All Round Sportsman" so would have fitted in well with the R.A.F.. It would be interesting perhaps to find out whether there could have been any connection in terms of the Section with which Sqn. Ldr. Wilcox could have been involved in relation to the Drawing Office if that could have been the "Job Title".  Should that be the case John Dunsmore would certainly have known him. How contact could be made with John Dunsmore after all these years I don't know. Perhaps you may have ways of finding him. I hope that after all this time my intended help will not be a fruitless Exercise. 

However there maybe an outside chance of success. 

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