Madejski Zygmunt

Madejski Stanislaw Zygmunt was stationed at Shinfield Park in 1945.

Madejski’s son Eugene sent the following email on 25th July 2018:

Dear Andre,

Glad to have found some info. on RAF Shinfield.

Did you know that our father Zygmunt Stanislaw MADEJSKI (a well known Redin' name) was stationed at RAF Shinfield during the war.


Eugene Madejski

Eugene sent further information by email on 30th July 2018:

Dear Andre,

Here's the info. on our father's experience during WWII, and of his relocation to the UK and the RAF.

Madejski Zygmunt , RAF evidence number 704037

Born 27 April 1918 in Ksiaz Wielki, Miechow region (Southern Poland)

In 1932 he graduated from Primary School, then in 1934 he went to  Tadeusz Kosciuszko High School in Miechow. Before the war he lived near Sarny, Eastern Poland. After outbreak of war, like thousands of Poles, he was taken prisoner and spent two years in Soviet captivity. After the agreement between Polish Prime Minister in Exile General Wladyslaw Sikorski and Soviet Minister Molotov was signed, Zygmunt Madejski was liberated and joined Polish Army (1st Division) forming in USSR. Together with Polish Army he left USSR and via Persia (Iran) in 1942 arrived in the UK, being posted to Scotland. 

Also in 1942 he joined Polish Air Force and was posted to the Polish Air Force Depot in Blackpool and then to Polish No. 315 Squadron (fighter) as ground crew member. After returning to Blackpool he was given a role of clerk. He received rank of AC2. In 1943 (rank of LAC) he was posted to RAF Halton and after returning to Blackpool, he again served as clerk. 

In 1945 he was posted to the HQ of Flying Training Command in Reading in Shinfield Park (they also had a Communication Flight based in Woodley). In rank of Corporal he served in Reading as clerk.

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