Roy Swann

Andre Francis spoke to Roy on the phone on two occasions: 5th Jan 2012 and 16th March 2012, and this is some of the background information Roy related.

Memories of Shinfield

Born December 4th, 1931.

Called up for National Service in March 1950, initially for 18 months, but then extended to 2 years. Initial training at Padgate, then Hereford, then Oakington (Transport Command) in the Orderly Room where it transferred to Flying Training Command. Here liased with the USAF and allowed to use the PX which was like a superstore compared with the NAAFI! 

Posted to Shinfield Park in late 1950. Worked in P2 Officer Postings under F/Lt Jones. Remembers a civilian, Mr Rose. Promoted to LAC, then asked to sit the exam for SAC. Then obtained Cpl (act, paid) before discharge. Played football for the 2nd team.

Although encouraged to stay on, he declined and was discharged in March 1952.

His discharge document is here.

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