Roy Whiteman


(The following was edited from an e-mail sent on 13/7/11).

Unfortunately I do not have any photos. 

I was at SP from May, 1954 until April, 1958 (yes, I did 4 years.) 

I had occasional detachments to Cranwell mainly to assist in the running of the Combined Cadet Forces summer camps. Good fun, as Butlins used to give us a 'freebie' to use the various rides at Skegness. 

Another little story which the 50s' people may recall was the night we 'borrowed' a Ram from the Research Centre opposite the camp and turned it loose in the WRAF block - absolute chaos as you can imagine. 

A group of us also 'borrowed' the Guardroom bell whilst the SPs' were playing cards. The following morning I played  'Who stole the ding dong who stole the bell?' (a 50s pop song) on the Station radio.  Got a Severe Rep. for that. 

Still, good memories.

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