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Notes on my Service at Shinfield

I was stationed at Shinfield Park from 1947-49 and joined the Medical Branch in 1948.

Blandford Lodge was the airmen and NCO's camp, next to University sports field and 200 men lived there. The cottage on the corner was occupied by S/Ldr Draper DFC the Commanding Officer.

The staff in the Medical Branch were:- A/Cdr John Walker (PMO); G/Capt Freeman (Dep PMO);
Freddie Barker (Flying Personnel Aviation MO); F/Lt (WRAF) O'Riordan (Women’s MO); F/Lt Cheater (Clerk)

W/O Harold Dyche took over as Chief clerk from W/O Whitaker, who retired while I was there. The sick quarters at Blandford Lodge became my second home while I was there. Staff was a Sgt McGann.

I now regret not taking the offer to progress on to become an MO. In hindsight, that was the biggest mistake of my life.

I have sent some pictures taken during my time at Shinfield Park and more in later life in acting roles and now

An email from Ted dated 4/1/2016:

Dear Andre just a quick note to thank you for your web site. I am now 86 as is Stan Vygus. He was the road cycle racing champion of blandford lodge at that time.

Derek Smee is not with us any more,I used to contact him regularly. 

Thanks again Ted.

An email from Ted dated 1/12/2011:


Dear Andre

I have found a complete copy of the Gremlin - Shinfield park and Blandford Lodge. The pages are attached. The Date is about  September 1949 . I am now 82 years old, I wonder if any of the lads are still with us.

Ted Williams


Andre Francis has found, edited and added some clips from TV series and movies showing my old friend Derek Smee.

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