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My Time at Shinfield 

I came to Shinfield Park in late 1965, following a two-year posting to HQMEC, Steamer Point, Aden.

I worked at the Command Stats branch with the following (that I remember): John South, John Morris (Sgt), Tony Lewis (Cpl), Ray Willis and others whose names I cannot now remember. In the next office (Research) was Jill Parkin and Sgt Mick Letch, together with WO Massey (I never knew his first name!).

I remember great times at the Airmen’s Club (NAAFI) … especially the dances

John South reminded me that I had a portable hob in my room which I would often use to cook my own meals. Bob Cuss reminded me that I had a Grundig TK46 reel-to-reel which I used for recording songs I wrote.

At one time I was a member of The Parkside Players (theatre and variety group) and the Folk Group. I married Pat Collyer, the C-in-C’s secretary, spending my last year in Married Quarters. 

Unfortunately, the only two photographs I have of my time at Shinfield Park are shown below in B/W. The third colour photo was taken around 2005Photos.

I purchased my discharge in April 1968 after exactly 6 years service and just before Shinfield closed. I enjoyed my time here and (even with hindsight) wouldn’t change a thing!

After Shinfield 

After discharge, Pat and I went to live with her mother in Leeds. We split 5 months later and I went to London to college and university. In 1971, during one of my university vacations, I went to Germany to play with an ex-service colleague’s band and at one of the gigs met Lorna. We were married in 1973.

I spent just under 20 years teaching Maths, Stats and Computing in colleges full-time with some part-time work in specialist colleges and universities. I left teaching to work as a statistician in Health Services.

I live in Nottingham and Lorna and I have one daughter, Imogen.

I work (substantial part-time) at the Perinatal Institute, Birmingham as a medical statistician and director.


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