Dennis Magee

I went to Shinfield Park in August 1965 direct from training and was there until May 1967. I was a chef working in the main kitchen & had many good times whilst I was there. For a time, I was with the variety group (Andre Francis: I was also in this for a short time).

In the variety (Theatre) group, we would travel around the area performing variety shows. One such show that I recall was at HMS Dauntless (a WREN Training camp). They joined in with the music and it felt like we were being pushed to the back of the stage as the whole room reverberated with WREN recruits singing.

Also I went through a Mod era buying striped and checked trousers from shops in Reading.

Enjoyed the record hops (discos) that were held on a Wednesday and I recall the 'Bystanders' playing at one of our dances. Also one of the dances was done as a Tramps Ball. We all went down the Black Boy beforehand for a couple of drinks and started eating 'the Daffodils' which bought the Landlady out collecting up the Daffodils post haste!!

With the camp being small, most of those living in the blocks were on first name terms and it was certainly a happy station. There are probably too many things to mention that went on at Shinfield, but if someone was to twist my arm, I might recall some more!

After I left Shinfield, I was posted to 18 squadron at Gutersloh. From there I went to Acklington, Odiham and then on to RAF Coningsby in 1970 and Brizenorton Inflight in 1974. 

My final posting in 1978 was to Staxton (near Scarborough) finishing in 1980.

I now live at Driffield in East Yorkshire.


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