Des Orpin


My Time at Shinfield

I was posted to Shinfield in January 1966 as my first duty posting out of training.  

When I arrived I was the youngest member on the camp and still entitled to a daily pint of milk!  I worked in "P" Staff alongside the likes of Dave Walton, Greg North, and the late Kev Webster (the latter shared a bunk next to me).  

They say you always love your first unit and that certainly proved the case with me.  I was there until the bitter end when I moved up to Brampton on the amalgamation of Flying and Technical Training Commands in 1968.  

Although I served in the RAF until 1995 I only ever met up with John McCandless from the Shinfield Park days (I served with John in Sharjah and the Falklands), although I have often thought of them all, so it was a pure delight to meet up with the 2009 reunion contingent, and I cannot wait for 2010.  

I live in Peterborough now and would love to hear from any past members.

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