Kevin Webster

Unfortunately, Kevin died in 2007 after struggling with ill-health for some time.

Kevin didn't get around to sending anything about his time at SP, but he posted some memories of Aden here -
Get Your Knees Brown Lad!

Note from Andre: The following is the last entry in Kevin’s blog:


Monday, 27 August 2007

Faces from the past

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It never ceases to amaze me how the Internet has made it so easy to make contact with people that we have known in the past and haven't heard from in years.

Idly doing a Google search the other day for one of the RAF stations that I served on, I landed up on a web site in which I saw a picture of a guy I used to play music with back in 1967/8. It was in fact the start of my "career" as a performer, because Andy (Andre) stirred in me the desire to learn to play the guitar.

We're now in touch again, and since we live not far from each other, we are hopefully going to organise a reunion.


Final note from Andre

We were never to make that reunion. I was waiting for some considerable time for Kevin to get back to me to agree a meeting date but, unbeknownst to me at that time, his severe medical conditions had become critical and he died on 29th December, 2007. This was tragic, since we were both very excited about meeting again after 40 years and I know it would have given him (and me) a great deal of pleasure reliving some old memories.

I attended his funeral and reception and passed my respects to his family. 

I will never forget Kevin. He was a part of my life at a defining time and I am a more fulfilled person for it.

RIP my old friend. 

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