Philip Gribble

Phil's email address is if you would like to contact him.

Philip originally contacted on 5th Apr 2014 with this:

Hope your reunion (2014) went well. Unfortunately not able to attend even though I was only a few miles down the road.  I have not joined your group as I have only just found out about it but was at HQFTC around 1965\66 in communications section.  Maybe next time

Further email on 11th Apr 2014:

I have found a couple of photographs but strangely enough did not take many.  I was in the Communication section during the time we were awarded the SPIDER Certificate here.  Not even sure what their names are now other than the one on the left is Cpl Leggett (??) and the WRAF is Christine, I am 5th from the left partially hidden.  

Good one of the camp entrance though.

Philip sent the email reproduced below on 10th Jan 2015

Hi,  I have been searching the web for fun and came across the RAF Shinfield Park site.  

Not sure I remember anyone but was there around 1965/1966 for one year.  Nice camp, Didn't realise that it closed down just after I left.  

Still living in Reading though, maybe C U at the reunion in April

Email on 5th Feb 2015:

I have found another picture, possibly better than the previous one here

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