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  • June 23 2020 Alan Causon sent the (June 22 2020) pics to Roy Whiteman who recognised Peter Davies in one of them.
  • June 22 2020 Greg North sent these pics of SP circa 1952. Does anyone recognise any of the faces?
  • June 21 2020 Gwilym Floyd emailed regarding his father PTI Taff Floyd.
  • June 9, 2020 Luke Sullivan sent an email with pics of an aircraft plaque at Ewart Park. Details here with reply.
  • May 8, 2020 Doreen Cozens sent Greg North a picture of the bunting she had put up over the camp memorial to celebrate VE day.  
  • May 6, 2020 Graham Vockins emailed that Shinfield Players Theatre has been contacted by Lyn Harding offering a programme for ‘Quiet Wedding’ that her father took part in (1943). Programme cover here. Hopefully might get details of the complete programme with some names.
  • The April 2020 planned reunion  was cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Jun 6, 2019Steve Davenport is in possession of a trunk labelled S/L B Trevelyan (1942) of HQFTC. More info here.
  • The last reunion was held on Saturday, 27th April 2019.
  • Mar 2019 Received a letter via 'Best Of British' magazine from Rita J Lucas  here about her husband Harold Lucas.
  • Jan 4, 2016 Ted Williams announced that Derek Smee died. He had previously been in regular contact with him.
  • Mar 3, 2015 Alan Causon reported the death of Ray Smith.
  • Mar 26 2015 A celebration of Ray Smith’s life by Adrian Reddall. 
    Apr 21, 2015 Alan Causon sent email with last pics of Ray Smith.
    Ray Smith link here

Latest entries to Website pages

  • Mar 2020 Received an email from Alan Causon regarding Colonel Karnezis who was at SP with him.
  • Jan 2019 Rusty Blagden, ex Telegraphist, at SP for whole of 1964. Narrative and 40+ photos!
  • Mar 2019 Brian Allen, ex RAF policeman at SP from 1959-61, now lives in Adelaide, South Australia. 2 pics also.
  • Jul 2018 Madejski Zygmunt at RAF SP in 1945. Info sent by his son, Eugene.
  • Apr 2018 Ray Willis (with 2 pics) attended the 2018 reunion for first time.
  • Jun 2016 Sue Robinson (nee Mower) added from the mid ‘60s.
  • Nov 2015 Michael Brown added from the late ‘50s.
  • Mar 2015 With new information from his daughter, the late Ted Wilcox has now been added. Ted was involved with thermonuclear testing at Malden and Christmas Islands. Les Rothery has also been added.
  • Jan 2015 Nicky Broxton (nee Cooper), Ian George and Phil Gribble from the 60’s have recently been in contact and have been added to the Personnel section of the website.  


  • Apr 2020 Received email from Alan Causon re Ron Mathews who knew Rusty Blagden. Ron would like to make contact with ex-SP personnel and especially Rusty.
  • Apr 2020 Received email from Alec Karnezis regarding his early childhood at a Shinfield primary school. See here.
  • Mar 2018  Received a letter via 'Best Of British' magazine from Rita J Lucasregarding Harold Lucas. See here.
  • Oct 2018 Caroline Moore is looking for information about her father Herbert Alan Cliff here
  • Aug 2018 Martin Ripper contacted with painting by Appach near Shinfield. See here.
  • Jun 2018 Further information relating to S/Ldr Draper sent.
  • Feb 2018  Richard Barrett is looking for information on his uncle Patrick J Barrett who was stationed at SP in 1943. His email is here.
  • Feb 2017  Martin Fehringer is looking for information on his mother Sonja Fehringer (nee Sonja Dorothy Schimmel) who was stationed at SP in the sixties. His email is here
    NOTE from Webmaster: Further information from Jacquie Kitson here.
  • Oct 2016  Spike (Met Observer) trained at SP in 1982 and worked there from 1987. He has fond memories of the site.
    His email is here.
  • Mar 2016  Joan Wilcox, and her brother Mike, are looking for information on their father, Sqn Ldr Ted Wilcox, stationed at Shinfield from 1956-60.  Details here
    NOTE from Webmaster: Alan Causon contacted me regarding Sqn Ldr Wilcox. See here. Joan has been informed. 
    Joan subsequently sent another email with some further information, which has formed part of an entry on the site for Ted Wilcox.
    NOTE 2 from Webmaster: John Horler (entry on this website) has sent some further information here. Joan has been informed. Joan replied.
    NOTE 3 from Webmaster (Mar 2016): Alan Causon contacted me again with information on Flt. Lt. J. Dunsmore  who he thinks worked close to Sqn, Ldr Wilcox. The gist of the information is here.
  • Jan 2016  Paul Harris contacted, looking for information on Bob Gowin, who was driver to ‘Cats Eyes’ Cunningham. Paul is also interested in the history of Shinfield Lodge, circa 1840, and its possible connection to author, lawyer and artist Francis Hobson Appach. His email is here with some extra information from Webmaster.
  • Jan 2016  Phillip Draper is looking for information on his father S/Ldr Albert Draper who was CO around 1947. See his two emails here with some photographs.
    NOTE from Webmaster: Ted Williams (who has an entry on this site) contacted with information on S/Ldr Draper and has been put in touch with Phillip. 
    NOTE 2 from Webmaster: 30th July 2018 Phillip has sent some further information including 2 menus from 1949 and photos from Gunnery School Leconfield. See here.
  • Juni George (nee Lammas) has been trying for years to contact Veronica (Ronnie) Clarke who served with her at White Waltham and then went to Hong Kong in 1964/65 to marry an Air Traffic Controller - if anyone  has any news, it would be appreciated. Contact Juni through husband Ian here.
  • Michelle Jones is looking for any information on her grandmother, Dora Grimshaw (Dimps), who was demobbed from Shinfield in 1946. Details here.
  • Avril Oxley (nee Bostock). Avril was at Shinfield with Barbara and Keith. Details here
    NOTE from Webmaster: Avril has now contacted us. See here.
  • Chris Lee is looking for information on his father, Jon Lee, at Shinfield in 1959. Details here.

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