Reunion 2008


The first reunion of RAF Shinfield Park, marking the 40th anniversary of the camp's closure, was held on 5th April, 2008, with around 25 attending.

List of those attending

Some people had arrived on the Friday evening (April 4th), and over 20 of us met up at the Black Boy at 12 noon Saturday (April 5th) for catch-up chats. 

A group of us walked up to the old site and identified three particular places

  • the NAAFI club - this was physically moved some 30 feet to become the home of the Shinfield Players. There are some pictures below. The Shinfield Players have some old camp records in their archives ... and this is probably worth following up at the next reunion;
  • the Officers’ Mess - this building is being preserved;
  • the camp entrance.

New houses now occupy all of the original camp site. 

We went on (back) to the Holiday Inn at Reading South for the afternoon and then dinner in the evening.

It was a great success and the general feeling was that it should happen again, with more that couldn’t make it the first time.


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