This is a selection of some of my recorded songs. They are a mixture of .mp4's, .mov's (Quicktime), .mp3 and mp4a audio files. Quicktime Player and VLC Media Player should play all formats without problems, but Windows Media Player may need a plug-in. They are best listened to with quality headphones.

If you have any comments, positive or negative, let me know andre.francis1@gmail.com

Better than I     Studio recording ... of this John Bucchino song.

How do you keep the music playing?    Recorded with GarageBand. This is my personal favourite.

The Way You Look Tonight     An impromptu session from 2007 of this famous Sinatra song.

Beyond the Sea     ... as a tribute to the late Bobby Darin.

Unexpressed     An impromptu session of another John Bucchino song.

Your Song     ... as a tribute to Sir Elton ... but dedicated to my special girl.

Crying     ... as a tribute to the great Roy Orbison.

As Time Goes By     "Play it for me Sam".

© Andre Francis 2012