Some say that Quorus was moulded from pure magma, left after the eruption of Krakatoa, west of Java; others insist that they simply walked out of the sea onto Blackpool beach one bright sunny morning. 

Masonic WB

The truth is, they met as members of The Saturday Singers. During the interval in a Saturday rehearsal, while the rest of the choir were bear-baiting or bungee-jumping, the intrepid four rehearse numbers such as "Give us a home, where the bison used to roam before 'Buffalo' Bill slaughtered them all!".

Reviews (that we've never had!)

"Mercifully, one's hearing aid can be set on zero volume".
Saga Newsletter

"They're so good … I've been to every show".
Anonymous member of Quorus quartet

Just when we thought it was terrible … 
… something wonderful happened. The performance ended!" 

Statler and Waldorff, The Muppets

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